Top 100 Free Developer Courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy: March 2015

Of the many things that I've done over a fifteen year career at Microsoft, one of the projects that I'm proudest to have been associated with is Microsoft Virtual Academy. Over the last two-and-a-bit years that my team has been responsible for this site, we've grown about five times in size, with tens of millions of hours of videos served to the nearly three million students that are now registered on the site. We've built two HD video studios that are occupied almost every day running live jump start sessions with engineers, trainers and presenters from all over the company, and we now have an incredible array of free training content covering developer, cloud, systems administration, data platform and business application topics.

In the last nine months alone, we've added over 100 courses just for developers. Unless you're paying very close attention, my guess is that you might not have quite realized the breadth and depth of free training available on MVA. So I thought I'd put together a list of deep links to these courses. I've weeded out a few that were duplicates or updates and added back a few 'classic' favorites to get back to 100. Many, but not all, of these courses are also translated into other languages. So without further ado, here's the meat - one hundred free developer courses on Microsoft or related technologies, all fresh for your viewing pleasure:

CloudAzure SQL Database for Business-Critical Cloud Applications
CloudGetting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
CloudMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals: Platform Overview
CloudMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals: Websites
CloudMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals: Storage and Data
CloudAzure Mobile Services and API Management
CloudQuick Start Challenge: Redis on Windows
CloudDeveloping Microsoft Azure Solutions
CloudA Lap Around Azure Websites
CloudCloud DevCamp
CloudPolyglot Persistence: Choosing the Right Storage
DataSecurity, Optimizer and Column Store Index Enhancements
DataData Platform Immersion
DataBig Data & Business Analytics Immersion
DataQuick Start Challenge: Sharing data-XAML and openFrameworks
DataUpgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2014
DataImplementing Tabular Data Models
DataDesigning BI Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server
DataImplementing Data Models & Reports with Microsoft SQL Server
DataYou've Got Documents! A MongoDB Jump Start
DataBig Data with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System
DataDesigning Database Solutions for SQL Server
DataDeveloping Microsoft SQL Server Databases
DevOpsGetting Started with PowerShell
DevOpsAdvanced Tools & Scripting with PowerShell
DevOpsDev/Test Scenarios in the DevOps World
DevOpsAssessing and Improving Your DevOps Capabilities
Games & GraphicsDeveloping 2D & 3D Games with Unity for Windows Jump Start
Games & GraphicsPorting Unity Games to Windows Store and Windows Phone Jump Start
Games & GraphicsDeveloping Games with Construct 2
Games & GraphicsCreating Games with Project Spark
Games & GraphicsDeveloping 2D Games with HTML5
Games & GraphicsQuick Start Challenge: Project Spark
Games & GraphicsQuick Start Challenge: Cocos2D-x for Windows Store Apps
Games & GraphicsIntroduction to WebGL 3D with HTML5 and Babylon.js
Games & GraphicsGame Production Basics
Games & GraphicsBuild a Game with Cocos2d-x for Windows Devices
Games & GraphicsCreating Your First Marmalade Game
Games & GraphicsCreating Your First 2D Game with GameMaker
Games & GraphicsQuick Start Challenge: Kinect v2 sensor and openFrameworks
Games & GraphicsC++/DirectX Game Development: Skyboxes and Porting DX11 to 11.2
Games & GraphicsC++/DirectX Game Development: Fun with Sounds and Shaders
Games & GraphicsC++/DirectX Game Development: Blending and Models
Games & GraphicsC++/DirectX Game Development: Animations and Advanced Game AI
Games & GraphicsDeveloping Advanced 2D Games with HTML5
Games & GraphicsDeveloping Games with Marmalade and C++ for Windows and Windows Phone
Games & GraphicsDesigning Your XAML UI with Blend Jump Start
Games & GraphicsQuick Start Challenge: Graphics Debugging
LanguagesTwenty C# Questions Answered
LanguagesC++: A General Purpose Language and Library Jump Start
LanguagesOpen Source Questions Answered
LanguagesIntroduction to Programming with Python
LanguagesQuick Start Challenge: Python and Mongo Lab
LanguagesPHP for Azure
LanguagesCodExist: The Birth of Bot
LanguagesHour of Code with Touch Develop
MobileIntroduction to Mobile App Development
MobileMobile Web Application Development
MobileCreating Windows Phone and Windows Store Games with MonoGame
MobileCross Platform Development with Xamarin and Visual Studio
MobileCross-Platform Development with Visual Studio
OfficeIntroduction to Office 365 Development
OfficeDeep Dive into the Office 365 App Model
OfficeDeep Dive: Integrate Office 365 APIs in Mobile Device Apps
OfficeDeep Dive: Integrate Office 365 APIs in Your Web Apps
OfficeSAP Gateway for Microsoft Office 365
OfficeTransform SharePoint Customizations to SharePoint App Model
OfficeShipping Your Office App to the Office Store
OfficeDeep Dive: Building Blocks and Services of SharePoint
ToolsImagine Cup: Building Your Studio Startup
ToolsQuick Start Challenge: Microsoft Advertising SDK
ToolsProgramming Robotic Systems with Visual Studio
ToolsFundamentals of Visual Studio Online
WebBuilding Apps with node.js Jump Start
WebMEAN Stack Jump Start
WebIntroduction to ASP.NET MVC Jump Start
WebBuilding Responsive UI with Bootstrap Jump Start
WebThe Modern Web Platform Jump Start
WebPreparing for Exam MTA 98-375 HTML5 App Dev Fundamentals
WebLighting Up Real-Time Web Communications with SignalR
WebSingle Page Applications with jQuery and AngularJS
WebQuick Start Challenge: HTML5 Portability Challenge
WebIntroduction to jQuery
WebCustomizing ASP.NET Authentication with Identity
WebAdding Style with CSS Jump Start
WebHow to Debug a Web site with IE F12 Tools
WebWhat's New in ASP.NET 5
WebIntroduction to Creating Websites using Python and Flask
WebIntroduction to AngularJS
WebImplementing Entity Framework with MVC
WebWeb API Design Jump Start
WebPractical Performance Tips and Tricks to Make Your HTML/JavaScript Fast
WindowsProgramming Kinect for Windows v2 Jump Start
WindowsDeveloping Universal Windows Apps with HTML and JavaScript Jump Start
WindowsDeveloping Universal Windows Apps (C#/XAML)
WindowsQuick Start Challenge: Universal App
WindowsQuick Start Challenge: Touch Support using openFrameworks
WindowsLast Stop: Getting Your Windows App to Market
WindowsUniversal Windows App Development with Cortana
WindowsCloud Enable a Windows Presentation Foundation LOB App

Congratulations to the team for their amazing work. We'd always love to hear from you with your suggestions for new topics, your feedback, your praise and your brickbats. Tweet us at @MSVirtAcademy or come and join us in the MVA Community Forum.