Windows 10 Tip: Changing Menu Alignment

Does Windows align your application menus to the right, when you want them to align to the left? That's likely because you're using a touchscreen and Windows is trying to ensure that the menus aren't obscured by your hand if you're using a finger to operate them.
Right-aligned menus in Windows 10

If you don't like that, no matter - it's easy to fix it.

You used to be able to tweak this through the UI, but the option seems to have gone missing in more recent Windows 10 updates. So you now need run the Registry Editor, and edit the following key:

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows  
Value Name: MenuDropAlignment  
Value Type: REG_SZ  
Value Data: 0 (for left-alignment) / 1 (for right-alignment)  

Here's how it should look:
Registry Editor with left-aligned menus

And here's the end result:
Left-aligned menus in Windows 10